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How to become a web writer in wine and spirits

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The Winning Recipe: Passion, Knowledge, and Curiosity

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Do you love wine and spirits? And I don't mean like "I love wine and spirits, especially when someone just dumped me like an old sock," but more like do you love its millennia-old history, its learning and its values of sharing? Do you have a passion for writing and investigation? So why not make it your job by becoming... (drum roll), a web writer specializing in this field? Beyond degrees and experience, it is above all about staying up-to-date with wine news and sincerely wanting to deliver information that people will want to read and relay.

As a web writer, you will have the opportunity to share your passion with internet users and why not make a living from it?! In this article, I reveal the required qualities to become a wine and spirits web writer, the potential career prospects and some examples of articles to explore to get started in the profession.

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2. The necessary skills to become a wine web writer

To become a web writer specialized in wine and spirits, it is important to have solid knowledge in these fields. Although a winemaking degree or a wine business master's degree represents a solid background to begin, a simple passion that you maintain with industry contacts and practice may be enough to begin writing beginner articles. The WSET is obviously a certification to consider since it puts your writing abilities to the test.

It is also important to master web writing and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. For this, if you do not wish to follow the traditional curriculum, do not hesitate to inquire about training possibilities through your national Ministry of Education. Hundreds of free and up-to-date tutorials are also available on the Internet.

Let's not forget that it can be useful to have knowledge in photography to be able to create attractive visuals that will accompany your articles.

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3. For whom to work and how to obtain missions

The wine and spirits web writer generally works as a freelancer. He chooses his own clients and missions. However, he rarely writes on his own account, in which case his remuneration would essentially depend on the advertising he puts on his site or the articles he writes in exchange for remuneration, which is equivalent to copywriting, which is different.

Indeed, the copywriter usually writes articles with the aim of selling a product or at least connecting a consumer to his need. For more information on this subject, consult our article on the wine copywriter!

A wine and spirits web writer can contact online magazines, newspapers or specialized guides. Some private clients may also turn to their services to write reports or technical sheets that will be published internally for example. This type of client usually find you on platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, and Freelancer.

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4. The different types of content you can create

As a web writer specialized in wine and spirits, an infinity of subjects open up to you: economy, politics, logistics, agriculture, history, geography, ampelography and so on. You will be able to create different types of content such as:

- product sheets on the different wines and spirits available on the market

- articles on the different wine regions and the methods of making wines and spirits

- buying guides to help internet users choose the wine or spirit that best suits their tastes and budget

- interviews with wine and spirits experts, wine and spirits reviews, etc.

As a web writer specialized in wine and spirits, you will have the opportunity to work with brands in the sector, wine merchants, wine bars, producers, and importers. You will also have the opportunity to participate in wine and spirits tastings and events to stay informed of the latest trends and innovations.

Becoming a web writer specialized in wine and spirits is an excellent way to combine your passion for the divine bottle with your love for writing. If you have the necessary skills and are ready to take the leap, the hardest part is still to take the leap! For my part, I took the plunge by following Hemingway's words: "write drunk and edit sober."

For more info on how we work as a wine web writer at WineDott, please don't hesitate to email us to discuss any topic in detail.


Lovely Charmaine
Lovely Charmaine
Aug 01, 2023

Impressed by this piece exploring the blend of wine expertise with web writing skills. A comprehensive guide for anyone dreaming of a career marrying their love for words and wine. Highly recommend!


Jul 28, 2023

interesting article on becoming a web writer in the wine and spirits field. It covers necessary skills, potential clients, and the variety of content you can create. Great read for anyone considering merging their love for wine and writing!


Eli Maxwell
Eli Maxwell
Jun 19, 2023

Love your Hemingway reference at the end - "write drunk and edit sober." :D Seems like a fitting mantra for a wine and spirits web writer! Thanks for this thoughtful and comprehensive guide.

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