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SEO and Wine Data Entry
for wine e-commerce and wineries

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Wine SEO

Without proper SEO optimization, your wines and/or winery may struggle to appear in Google search results. Optimizing the SEO for your wine e-commerce or winery website and individual product pages can be a challenging endeavor.

To ensure the success of your wine product pages, it's crucial to pay attention to SEO. By conducting a thorough website SEO Audit, updating your SEO Settings, and implementing wine product page SEO Tagging, your wine e-commerce site can stand out from the competition, rank higher on Google, and attract ready-to-buy customers. Keeping your wine SEO updated is an essential aspect of maintaining and improving your wine e-commerce site's visibility and searchability. Our team will help keep your website healthy and easily discoverable.

By enhancing your SEO, we can increase the visibility of your online wine store, leading to greater impressions, improved click-through rates (CTR), and a higher number of conversions. We will help your wine e-commerce stand out among the competition and attract customers ready to make a purchase. To assist you in accomplishing it, we provide the following services:

  • SEO Audit

  • Editing SEO Settings

  • Regular SEO Updates

SEO strategies for wineries differ from those for online wine merchants. Wineries aim to invite visitors for tours, tastings, and special events, creating a memorable experience for wine aficionados. After purchasing wine, individuals often turn to online searches to gain a deeper understanding of their selection. Hence, a winery's website should provide detailed insights into its offerings, something that e-commerce sites might sometimes overlook due to platform restrictions. In conclusion, it's imperative for your wine pages to achieve high rankings on Google, ensuring that customers seeking more information can effortlessly locate your wine details.

The SEO services we offer to wineries include:

  • Location-based SEO (for promoting winery visits and wine tastings).

  • Wine Page SEO Optimization.

  • Adapting the brand message to meet SEO requirements.

wine product page with wine data

Wine Data Entry

Finding all the wine information and writing it in a form appealing to a customer can be extremely tedious. Our team of wine experts is trained to dig for the information, extract the most important and deliver them to your online wine shop visitors in a simple and understandable format. Unlike some wine connoisseurs, we avoid complicating descriptions and confusing your audience.

Our Wine Data is organized into four key sections, ensuring comprehensive and relevant information for wine enthusiasts:


  • Wine Info (color, type, variety, origin, vintage, alcohol...)

  • Labels/Bottle Shots

  • Tasting Notes and Ratings

  • Food pairing 

You can count on our commitment to providing high-quality data entry services, refreshed on a daily basis, to ensure that your wine database stays current and relevant. Keeping your wine information up-to-date is crucial for boosting website traffic, which ultimately leads to increased sales. We will meticulously update your wine product pages with essential details that wine consumers find valuable when making purchasing decisions.


By providing accurate and engaging information, you can enhance user experience, establish trust with potential customers, and encourage them to explore your wine offerings further, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Selection of wines

Wine Selection

Importers, distributors and wineries can have too many wines in their portfolios. Choosing the best-performing wines for your online shop might be tricky. The goal is to pick the ones with the best price/quality ratio and to have an offer that sets you apart from the rest of the competition. With our extensive experience in wine sales across multiple global markets ( market trends, consumer preferences, and industry insights), we offer valuable wine expertise that can assist you in selecting the perfect wines and maximizing your sales potential. 

Our wine team offers a service of personalized wine selection consulting for your wine ecommerce that includes:

  • Adding wines to your list

  • Reducing your wine list

  • Making substitutions

You tell us your goals and concept, and we will help you find the best-performing wines that will represent your online wine shop. Suggesting producers and selecting the best ones from long importer lists.  We will constantly follow your sales reports and make suggestions on how you can refine your wine list.

How we work

1. Email us with a link to your website and a brief description of your objectives.

2. We'll analyze your wine business and look for bottle necks.

3. We'll schedule a call and offer you SEO recommendations improve your wine website.


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