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Salmon Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir

Updated: May 29, 2023

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Why Salmon pairs with Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir's delicate fruity character with a hint of spice cuts perfectly fatty tasteful flesh of the wild salmon.

Pinot Noir


Is it necessary to introduce Pinot Noir? This iconic grape variety of Burgundy has established itself in every corner of the world. Though the wines are attractive and very appreciated in their youth, some have a surprising potential for evolution. The cluster of Pinot Noir grapes looks like a pine cone, which is why it is called "Pinot"! They are very small - size of a fist. Saying "Good things come in small packages" is definitely true in this case.


Usually bright red ruby color. However, if left to mature to 30 Brix in a vineyard and macerated afterward for around 10 days this Pinot shows why it is called "Noir" = Black.


Best know for its light body and clean scent of red fruits cherry, strawberry and raspberry. If matured and aged its spicy character wakes up that represent the most powerful mouthfeel elegance in the world of wines.

Types of Pinot Noir:

1. Burgundy Pinot Noir

Burgundy, the home of Pinot Noir, boasts a diverse selection of internationally renowned wines featuring fruity, light, to complex and aged styles, making it the ultimate destination for Pinot Noir enthusiasts.

2. Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregons's Pinot Noir is an internationally acclaimed, well-crafted dry red wine, boasting ripe red fruit and refreshing acidity thanks to the whole cluster technique used by its virtuous winemakers.

3. Napa Valley Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir in Napa Valley thrives in cooling fogs and ocean breezes, resulting in a fuller and richer style with deep, smooth, spicy dark fruit, balancing acidity, signature gamey and mushroom notes, and a notable use of oak.

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Salmon wine pairing: Pinot Noir


The red salmon, also called "Sockeye", is a member of the family of 5 Pacific salmon species. Connoisseurs consider it to be the noblest and most delicate of all. It can be found in the cold lakes and rivers of Alaska. It is in these crystal clear waters that it feeds mainly on marine plankton and krill, hence the distinctive brick-red color of its lean, slightly fat flesh, containing high-quality nutrients and Omega 3. Sockeye salmon has an important place in a healthy and balanced diet and is also famous amongst gourmets for its flawless delicacy.


Health Tip

With approximately 2.7 grams of omega-3 per 100-gram serving, sockeye salmon boasts the highest amount of this beneficial nutrient of any fish, making it an excellent choice for promoting heart health and lowering cholesterol. By consuming just one serving of Alaska Salmon per week, individuals can reap these health benefits.


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Bert Dee
Bert Dee
12 juin 2023

It's refreshing to see a pairing that breaks away from the traditional "fish with white wine" norm! Pinot Noir, with its light body and fruity character, seems like a wonderful choice for salmon, especially the fatty and flavorful Sockeye variety. Can't wait to try out this pairing for my next dinner party! Thanks for the thoughtful and informative post.

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